Juggling Life with Jayci

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During lunch recess, Junior Jayci Razon gets help from Physics teacher Mr. Duane Shikiya.

img_9566by Jericho Posadas

Handsome, confident, outgoing, a band geek, and a leader. These are some words and phrases you could use to describe Jayci Razon, and he definitely is able to live up to those titles and the expectations that come along with them. He’s the section leader of the Waialua High School Band euphoniums, member of the bowling team, and one of those people who aren’t afraid to say that getting a driver’s license isn’t the best thing in the world. But who really is Jayci? Can we dig a little deeper into who he is?

Before joining the band, Jayci played piano, but just like anyone who loves music, he

Jayci and his euphonium

wanted more. He joined the band to learn more about music and as he said, “I didn’t get too far with piano, so I joined band to see how far I could get, see what instrument I’d be playing, and go from there.” He chose the top three of trumpet, trombone, and Mr. Ian Cablay’s recommendation to audition for and, in the end, he was given the euphonium – Mr. Cablay’s recommendation. Just like any beginning band member, he wasn’t immediately good at his instrument. But after years of practice and dedication, Jayci made his way to being a section leader, and it’s a position he doesn’t take lightly. He’s constantly getting on his section members, keeping them prepared and pushing them farther with each practice. Although they might hate him for it, he’s still a great friend and section leader.

Currently, Jayci is “unemployed.” But he has good reason. On Thursdays, he has extra work to put in to balance band practice, school work, and bowling. He takes Physics with Mr. Duane Shikiya, and isn’t able to go to class on Thursdays because of bowling tournaments. So before Period 7, Jayci physically goes into the class, talks to Mr. Shikiya, and does the work they would be doing in class that day so he’ll be caught up. Although it’s only one day out of the week, it really shows the initiative that he takes in order to keep everything balanced so things don’t get out of hand. He goes to band practices on Tuesdays and marching band practices on Saturdays because he feels obligated to, since he misses practice on Thursdays. It really shows how he cares for the band, as everyone there doesn’t just treat it like another school program, but more as a family that has your back.

Vic, Gloria, Kiersten, and Jayci Razon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Jayci’s actual family is simply fun, and they’re always putting out effort towards the band. His family includes his mom, Gloria, and dad Vic, his older sister Kiersten, who’s in college at UNLV, his uncle, and three dogs. Just like any other family, each person has his or her “moments”.  But just like any other family member, deep down, you know you love them no matter what. His parents are extremely generous and big supporters of the band, and although not everyone in the band knows their names, they’re still recognized as “uncle” and “aunty”, a title given to someone who’s like family. They recently bought several shelves for one of our rooms so instrument cases wouldn’t be lying around everywhere. They also help out with the WHIS Band Boosters lemonade and iced tea stand, to raise money for things the DOE cannot provide for the music program. It’s easy to say that they contribute more to the band than most kids, but it is an example Jayci seems to be following because he cares so much for his band family.


Jericho and Jenn go to Haleiwa McDonald’s and enjoy an after school McFlurry – thanks to taxi driver Jayci.

Jayci’s recently acquired driver’s license is going to put up some boundaries. Although the rules get really direct, Jayci doesn’t want to break any of them, like driving with more than one extra person in the car, so “I don’t go around saying I’ll give everyone a ride.” One new struggle is getting food at McDonald’s with his best friends, Jennifer Deuz and Jericho Posadas.  Jayci isn’t going every day, but Jennifer and Jericho want to go, and they insist on asking him every day.  So the issue is communicating to Jenn and Jericho, “No, I don’t wanna go!” However,  most times he gives in.  But he does run errands for his parents whenever they ask, but, as he says, “Hey, gotta love family right?” Even when everything is done, Jayci just wants to hang with friends at the beach, or play video games – like almost every guy you might know.

Jayci works hard – not just in school, but whenever he can. Every year he’s been able to pass with good grades, and make good connections to anyone he meets. He plays the best he can in band, gives time to practice with the bowling team, works hard in academics, and spends time with his family and friends. English teacher Mr. Gregory Kamisato said that Jayci is “a people person, which makes it easy to talk to him about anything.”  And  Mr. Cablay added, “It’s what makes Jayci, Jayci!”  He wants his section to be just as good as him, or better when he leaves, because as he said, “Most of them aren’t as good as you’d expect – and I was like that too, but they’re improving pretty fast.”  Overall, Jayci is awesome – not just as a band geek, or bowler, or a smart kid, but he’s a great friend, and he’s the person who’d earn your respect once you get to know him.


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