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Mr. Randal Erice’s Period 2 Building and Construction Class

img_1082by Anna Peters

Noah Campbell ready to climb that ladder.

The Waialua High and Intermediate School Counseling Center is being renovated by our very own building and construction students of Waialua High and Intermediate School. This assignment was given by the administration not only to save on costs, but to give the students a real life hands-on experience using the skills they learned in the classroom. Their project? Build partitions inside the counseling building for two conference rooms, an office for the CCRC, and storage rooms. However, this project did not come without some challenges.

Mr. Randal Erice consults Middle School Counselor Jamie Bento on details of the conference rooms.

Some difficulties they have encountered were that the walls are in a zigzag formation, which results in taking a longer time to finish the project. They’re building the partition using wooden walls. “This is a really good real life hands on experience for my students! They’re using tools and going through the procedures that a carpenter would do,” said Mr. Erice, the teacher for building and construction. “In addition, they also have to design the blueprints and make the adjustments themselves,” Mr. Erice added. The building and construction students work on this project during class time and they’re on schedule to finish the project by their completion date which is winter break.

“I’m really excited to be doing this project! It’s what I look forward to because I enjoy doing these kinds of hands on activities,” says senior Noah Campbell. He plays football for Waialua and plans on going to college to major in architecture. Sophomore Preston Storey stated, “This is a new frontier and we’re learning along the way. We have to solve the

problems as they occur. There was a lot of things we had to figure out and make adjustments to. For example, they wanted to make the office a little bigger than the other rooms, therefore, we had to make adjustments to accommodate to what the administration wants.” Even though Preston doesn’t plan on pursuing a career in building and construction, he still thinks it’s an important skill to have.

You definitely need to use math in carpentry work.

Another student in building and construction, Isaac Paracuelles, says, “I’m excited to be doing this project because this is something I plan on doing in the future. I want to go to a two year college and pursue my goal of becoming a construction worker.” Building and construction prepares students for their next step in life.  Classwork is not for everybody and some students enjoy doing activities rather than learning in a classroom.  If this is what Waialua High and Intermediate’s CTE Building and Construction program is achieving, the future of Hawaii is in good hands. 

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