Leaving His Mark

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Risein Campbell runs over two Kalaheo defenders.


by Hayden Myers

Noah and Risein Campbell

When starting running back Risein “Hoku” Campbell takes the handoff for Waialua, he’s looking for the goal line.  If you try to tackle him, he will run you over – and that will probably leave a mark. Like how he plays football, Hoku is leaving an impression on Waialua High and the people that know him.  When he graduates, he will leave behind memories of his athletic achievements as well as being a special person who people will miss if he ever decides to leave the Hawaii.  Hoku is definitely a one of a kind personality. During his interview, he cracked a few jokes and smiled a lot – a very friendly guy. A senior who has lived in Waialua his whole life and loves the North Shore, appreciates how wonderful his little town is. “Life here is awesome,” he says,  “Everything is so close by and friends are always down to hang out.” Hoku loves to go out and travel around the island with his brother Ikaika. “We usually just go beach or just cruise around, wherever we want to go we just go.”

Chelseah Pascual, Hoku Campbell, and Kaitlin Ayonon

Lots of people know Hoku because he is such a great personality – especially with the ladies. “He is an extrovert, of course, and just carries a friendly aura with everyone. Really easy to talk to and, well, an incredibly talented athlete and singer.” said senior Chelseah Pascua. “You know? Just hanging out with friends and chilling is awesome,” says Hoku. Senior Kaitlin Ayonon, Ho’omana’o Editor-in-Chief, who’s known Hoku since they were in 7th grade said, “He’s super sweet, has a killer smile, and an overall great personality.” img_6670Hoku is a guy you’ll be happy to meet and be around.”  And now he’s known all over the state telling his pencil “knock knock” joke on KHON’s Cover 2 “Pop Quiz”.

Although kicking it with his friends is important, Hoku is very passionate about his family. “It should be a priority to spend time with your family, they’re the ones who always got your back and they are people closest to you. They raised you and made you the person you are.” Keeping close to family is one of Hoku’s beliefs that he takes to heart. Along with loyalty, honesty, and respectfulness, he thanks his family for teaching him the proper way of being a young man and having wonderful integrity. Hoku feels like he lives an average life at home but his family all care about each other and want to see each other succeed. Although there are good and bad times, they stick together and get through it together, no matter what.

Hoku Campbell runs through the Kalaheo defense.

Throughout his life, Hoku always strives to do well. “I always motivate myself to do more everyday, I don’t want to see myself  as a failure, but I keep that thought through my mind to make sure I keep myself on track with my goals.”  With these thoughts, Hoku works hard in school and gives it his best in football. Wearing number 8 on the football field, Hoku puts in many hours each week to perform his best each game. “I work hard at what I do because I want to leave my mark on the field. I want to leave a trail of my own instead of the path that has been marched by many others.” He smirked, smiled, and said, “Now that I say that out loud, it makes me sound a little arrogant,” followed by some chuckles.

Hoku and his senior classmates hanging in the library. Sitting L-R: Chelseah Pascual, Hoku Campbell, Kaitlin Ayonon, Morgan Achiu; Standing L-R: Cody Miyatake, Tiala Nicely.

Hoku is also very proud of his football team because they had an incredible season. “He is a very hard worker and a great teammate,” said receivers coach Tony Nery, “In games he runs hard and takes the offense all the way down to the goal line, but we’re all waiting for him to score more touchdowns.” The Bulldogs finished the regular season with five wins and two losses, with Hoku rushing for 158 yards in his final home regular season game win against Pearl City.  And what does he think about playing Kaimuki in the first round of the playoffs?  “I’m very excited to get on the field and face them again, the first game was a fluke and we’re gonna play our hardest and get that win.”

While Hoku is very focused on his athletics, he’s also made some hard choices on where to go for college. “ I really want to go with the flow and see where life takes me, but I would enjoy going to school on the West Coast. It’s close to home and the culture there isn’t going to be too dramatic of a change.”  Wherever life takes him, do not stand in the way of Hoku Campbell running toward his dreams.  Because like the Pearl City defenders who he ran over last week Friday, it just may leave a mark.

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Hoku Campbell gets ready to “leave his mark” on a Kalaheo defender.
Hoku Campbell takes a handoff from Quarterback Tevesi Toia.

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