New Season – Same Goal

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The Waialua girl’s soccer team huddles up before last year’s OIA Division II Championship game.

img_1078by Hoku Sabanal

It’s that time of year again.  Another season full of sweat, tears, wins, loses, smiles, and a whole lot of memories.  This year’s Waialua High & Intermediate School’s girls soccer team has entered Division I and they’re more than anxious to see what this season has in store for them.  

“Despite being in Division I, we are hoping to earn our way into playoffs and give the team hope for soccer to keep getting better throughout the years,” senior Jordyn Bjur answered when asked about what she hopes to accomplish through this season.  

Senior fullback Jordyn Bjur

After their great season last year (Division II West Champions and playing for the Division II title), they realize it’s the begining of a new season and last year is in the past.

Jordyn explained,”Since last season, I’ve been nervous about what this season has in store for us, but I’m excited after hearing about the new and returnee players that will be coming out for the season.  It sounds like we have potential to have a strong team.”  The girls will be practicing hard and intend to play even harder during the games.  

There are some new faces entering this soccer team, such as the new head coach for the girl’s soccer team –  Conrad Ishii, along with their new conditioning coach Moana Bjur.  They are both excited to prepare their girls and see them train hard and see improvements this season.

Senior midfielder Lorena Wilkenson

Senior Lorena Wilkinson informed us that, “The difficult thing this season would be having a completely new experience with being in a higher division. Being able to make slight adjustments, having a new mindset and confidence needed to play in Division I will definitely be something we all need to overcome together.”  Persistence, positive mindset, and hard work is what they need to show this season.  

Senior midfileder Marcus Pao

On the boy’s side, the Bulldogs are back and ready to play.  It’s a new season and this year’s boy’s soccer team for Waialua High & Intermediate School are looking forward to being back on the field again.  Just like the girl’s soccer team, the boys are moving up into Division I.  

“Working on our teamwork is going to be one of the most important thing to accomplish this season and after that everything will become easier,” senior Marcus Pa’o answered.  They’re coming back with hopes to have an even better season this year.  

Senior striker Ethan Grubbs

“In order to prepare, we’re going to begin training soon, and being able to emphasize our motto of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice into each day at practice!” senior Ethan Grubbs exclaimed. He’ll be coming back this season to help take the team to the playoffs and he’s “feeling good about the season because there are a lot of seniors on the team this year who are ready to put in the work to meet our goals of making playoffs.”  

There’s some difficulties that will occur this season such as the school re-doing their field which will make the soccer teams find another place to practice.  Also, they would have to travel to other different schools to play, so there won’t be any home games this season.  This will be a challenge, but they are going to be able to work around this problem and still continue to have a great season.  They’re ready to do some damage, and for the seniors on the team, they’re going to try their best to leave everything on the field.

Sophomore Zane Balmoja
Sophomore midfielder Zane Balmoja


There is going to be a JV boy’s soccer team this year and sophomore Zane Balmoja mentioned, “One thing we want to accomplish this year is to be OIA Division I JV Champions since they took a loss last season.  He wants the team to learn from their mistakes from last year, improve their skills and work as a team and not individuals.  Both of the boy’s soccer teams are willing to accomplish their goals for this season and make more memorable memories with their team.     

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