Small Town; Big Dreams

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The Almeida home displays their support for the Waialua football team.

img_1088by Kayla Miguel

Whether you were at home constantly checking the score, or in person counting down the final seconds of the game, all the excitement and noise brought to our community was overwhelming when Waialua won the battle of the Bulldogs last Friday against Kaimuki. Tonight, Waialua will play Waipahu at Aloha Stadium, and, for the first time in 24 years, fighting for the OIA Division II Championship. There is no doubt the Waialua side will be filled with the whole community in red supporting Waialua’s team making history.

As well as Kaimana Kawahakui-Garcia’s family…

Racquel Achiu and Sheryl Almeida will be some of those people.  They have been supporting the boys since they were in diapers, at the beginning of the season, and especially during their game against Kaimuki. Racquel Achiu was at the Kaiser field rooting for her hometown, and at the end of the game when the boys won, she described the moment as overwhelmingly energetic. “The field was filled with so much energy,” she said, “it was there from the beginning – you could feel it as soon as you walked in. But at the end, there was 100 times more!” That energy was felt in

Haleiwa Elementary School supporting their graduate on the football team.
Haleiwa Elementary School supporting their graduate on the football team.

Waialua as Sheryl watched the boys from home through Facebook Live. “The boys always do well,” she told me, “they always give their 100% because they know they really want it. I’m always proud of them!” So is the rest of the community. Signs of support are going up, shirts are being printed, and alumni are refreshing their memory on the school’s Alma Mater.

Students in Mrs. Jordan Gonzalez’s Period 2 Trigonometry class showing pride on “Red Out” day!

Vice-Principal Ryan Ishimoto, who graduated from Waialua High and Intermediate in 1984, says that he is extremely proud of the boys for sticking together and finishing off the season in such a major way. He also expressed how huge this is for our small town. “As one big community,there will be a lot of support for the boys at the stadium. Making it to the championships is a great thing for the boys and for our school. Everyone can come together and celebrate to show the school their spirit. A lot of alumni will be there because it’s a sense of pride for them to see our boys make it so far. But it’s mostly a tribute from the boys to the athletic department, the school, Coach Barit, his assistant coaches, and to the boys themselves.”

Pride is slowly being brought back to Waialua and a lot of the community will be there to support the boys tonight. They want them to stay focused, humble, and give Waipahu their best shot. The entire North Shore is rooting for this football team and the Waialua/Haleiwa community can’t be more proud. Win or lose, this small town is making history – and a lot of noise.

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