Alumni Profile: Shelly Awaya Kidani

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On our newest page, The Waialuan will be featuring an alumni of Waialua High and Intermediate School who has accomplished much since their graduation.  It seems appropriate that the first alumni featured is a former Waialuan Editor: Shelly Awaya Kidani.  Here is her profile:

Shelly Awaya Kidani, Class of ’96, with Governor David Ige

Name: Shelly Awaya Kidani

Year graduated: 1996

Extra-curricular activities: JV Football Statistician, AP Club, Hanazonokai

Shane, Ayame, and Shelly Awaya Kidani

Family: Husband, Shane Kidani (Mililani) and daughter Ayame Kidani (5 years old)

Occupation: Sales Professional at A-1 Textiles and Hospitality Products; member of the non-profit International Housekeepers Association – Hawaii Chapter visit to learn more.

Colleges attended: Leeward Community College (2002); Hawaii Pacific University (2005)

Degrees held: Associates – Liberal Arts; Bachelor of Arts – Journalism

What do you miss most about going to school in Waialua? 

“I miss the social interaction with the kids I grew up with (Classroom instruction, homecoming, football games, social events) and learning from teachers who take pride in their profession.  I really miss Sagara’s food too!”

Waialua High School Leo Club - 1996
Waialua High School Leo Club – 1996

What lessons did you take from Waialua that helped you in your life?

“I learned that education is what you make of it.  Just because you are attending Waialua, that doesn’t mean your education is inferior to others.  If you are driven to succeed, you will motivate yourself to absorb as much knowledge as you can to carve your own path, stay focused and excel in anything you choose.”

Who are the teachers that helped you the most?

“I had many teachers that helped me during my time at Waialua.  However, a few left lasting impressions.  Mrs. Alison Abe (Inouye) taught me to be confident; Mr. Gerald Fuji helped me to express myself in writing.  These two encouraged me to further my education beyond high school.  I attained a journalism degree and use it primarily for volunteer work with a non-profit organization.  My career also benefitted from the direction and support I received in high school because I am able to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and other industry professionals.”

The Waialuan staff – 1996

What would you say to students currently attending WHIS?

“Enjoy your years at Waialua and learn a lot from your teachers faculty and peers.  You’ll look back at your time there and  be proud of where you came from.  Not to mention, you’ll truly value the close-knit family feel, the love and pride that only small towns like Waialua can provide.”


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