CSI: Waialua

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Kamaki Lacar analyzes his own fingerprints in Mrs. O’Neil’s Forensics class.

img_1078by Hoku Sabanal

Georgia-Ann Chun-Albeso and Tiala Nicely join  the class in discussing how to identify one fingreprint from another and specific details that categorize each fingerprint.

Registration is approaching at Waialua High and Intermediate School and there are many classes that you can consider taking.  One class that should be put into consideration is Mrs. Sabina O’Neil’s Introduction to Forensics aka CSI class.  This class is an elective for juniors and seniors and counts as a science credit.  “You will be learning all the different techniques that a CSI Investigator would look at: like fingerprints, bullets, blood stains, etc,” explains Ms. O’Neil.

It would be like you’re in the shoes of the investigator at a crime scene and you can experience the different practices they do while out on the field.  It’s not all work in the class though. In this CSI class, you will be taking field trips like this year where they will be going to the Honolulu Police Department’s Crime Lab and heading out to West Oahu to dig up skeleton bones.  While taking this class, “you’ll pick up investigative skills, awareness, observation, looking at something closely, understand the different processes you have to go through to do the investigation and how detailed all the different information has to be,” Mrs. O’Neil stated.

img_2644The CSI class would would be exciting and interesting because of the different practices and techniques you’ll be doing in that class.  The CSI class is open to anyone, you don’t have to have an interest in being an investigator or wanting to work in that field.  You can learn a variety of skills and be able to share your experiences with other people.  If you’re interested and have watched shows like CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS, etc. then this class will further inform you on the steps taken to solve a case. “When entering this class, you’ll be looking forward to building upon your different sciences, learning about density and such, even though you may not remember your chemistry,physics, biology, physiology, you’ll be bringing those principles back into play.  You’ll be bringing all your basic sciences into forensics class,” Ms. O’Neil mentioned.

Mrs. Sabina O’Neil helps her students with fingerprint analysis.

Taking this class will further open up your mind to many different sights, scenes, and experiences.  Even though you may not want to work or see yourself working in this career, you will still learn a considerable amount of knowledge and skills.  The experience itself would be fun and captivating.  “The only thing that matters is the evidence,” said one of the actors in CSI: Miami.  The work that’s behind an unsolved case goes beyond what you may think, but without the evidence, you can’t move forward in your case.  So being able to learn about the diverse practices as a CSI investigator will help you find the evidence needed to start and finish a case.  Keep your minds open.


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