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Freshman Justyce Lacar edits his video on Final Cut Pro in Mr. Brandon Kon’s Media class.

img_9991by Hannah Bartlett

Zane Balmoja and Justyce Lacar edit their videos in the media lab while other students do work in the renovated media classroom.

Many things are changing here at Waialua, and one of those things is the Media Center. Brandon Kon is in charge of this high school elective and intermediate wheel class. He teaches his students the basic media necessities, and continues to help them learn more improved skills through-out the year. Some of the renovations that have been made this year is that the classroom has been extended so they now have a classroom and a computer room. “This helps the students be more focused in class when we’re not doing work on the computer, and I can give them directions knowing I have their full attention,” says Mr. Kon. They also have new Apple desktops so more kids are able to have a hands on experience of editing and working on projects like public service announcements, holiday theme videos, and commercials.

Sophomore Zane Balmoja edits his pumpkin carving video using Final Cut Pro.

Media student Zane Balmoja is editing a video he along with other students filmed, on how to carve a pumpkin. “This class helps me learn how to edit using different software and will benefit me in the future when I take my photography class,” says Zane. What you get out of this class is the chance to learn how to edit using Final Cut Pro X and how to use a camera/ video camera correctly and upload footage to a computer. In media, you’ll be creating film and telling a story with it. In many classes, time management and problem solving skills are needed. In this elective, you won’t only learn these things but you will also learn how to apply them to everyday things. Justyce Lacar added, “If you’re going to have a job in graphic design or advertising, this class will prepare you because you’ll have skills the company wants.”

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