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Waialua sophomore Wyatt McHale gets big air at a surf contest in Portugal.

img_1088By Kayla Miguel

Waialua High and Intermediate School sophomore Wyatt McHale is a Vans sponsored surfer who maintains a 4.0 GPA.  No matter how many surf contests he participates in all around the world while missing weeks of school at a time, his straight A’s still remain. But how?

“Staying focused,” Wyatt says. “I have to make sure I get all of my school work done before anything, especially while traveling, I

No matter where he is in the world, Wyatt always reps Hawaii.
No matter where he is in the world, Wyatt always reps Hawaii.

work with my teachers to make sure I can keep my grades up when I’m gone.” His core teachers are those he communicates with most since those classes are honors courses. But despite the challenging classes, the only one he seems to struggle with is an elective – Building and Construction.  He says that the only reason why it’s hard for him to make up work with the limited supplies he has available while traveling.

Wyatt attends to his creative side as he works on his ceramics project.

Although he takes his regular courses at Waialua, the extra classes he takes online is like a walk in the park for Wyatt. “I’ve already completed some Spanish, Health, Psychology and Economics courses online and I’m on track to take English IV during the spring. Some of those courses I took during my freshman year when I decided I wanted to graduate early.” Wyatt says. “Graduating early was an opportunity I decided to take. This way I can surf more instead of worrying about keeping up with the school work during my senior year.  It just made more sense since I’ll be doing a lot of surfing then too.”

Despite all this, surfing still takes up a lot of his time since his schedule is an endless cycle of wake up, go to school, eat, and surf until the sun goes down.  It’s pretty rare for Wyatt to go a day without surfing since he feels like surfing is a part of him. It’s something that influences things like his speech, appearance, and his lifestyle. Wyatt McHale’s journey is spent surfing, learning, and being the siiickest guy on the North Shore.

Wyatt works hard in Ms. Abenes' Honors Social Studies class.
Wyatt works hard in Ms. Abenes’ Honors Social Studies class.


How do you balance straight A’s and surfing?

Making sure I get all my homework done and working with my teachers to make sure when I’m gone or traveling I have all my assignments so I don’t fall behind.  By doing this, I’ve been able to keep my grades up.”

What classes do you take? What classes do you struggle in?

“All honors core classes (Alg. II, English, Chemistry, US History) Ceramics, PE, and Building and Construction. I struggle in Building and Construction because it’s hard for me to make up work when I’m not there and the supplies are limited.”

And what would Wyatt do without friends?
And what would Wyatt do without friends?

Are you planning on graduating early? How and Why?

“Yes. I’m on track to graduate with the Class of 2018.  I’m doing this by taking online classes which I’ve been taking since ninth grade to gain extra credits that will eventually take out all the credits I’m supposed to earn my senior year.  I want to graduate early so I can surf more and since I was given the option to it just made sense since I’m planning on surfing a lot during what could have been my senior year.”

What extra online classes do you have to take? ✔

“Spanish, Health, Psychology, Economics and I’m taking English 4 online in the spring.”

How much time does surfing take up?

Getting your schoolwork done gives Wyatt time to do what he loves.

“All of my afternoons on weekdays and all day on weekends. It’s pretty rare to go a day without surfing.”

What is your Monday through Friday schedule?✔

“Wake up, go to school, eat, surf until the sun sets.”

How does your surf culture influence you?

“It changes the way I speak. I’ll use words people don’t understand like some surf jargon.  It influences the way I dress, and my all-around lifestyle.”


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