Alumni Profile: Dr. Carolyn Galiza

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Althea, Filip, Carolyn, and Maya Galiza

Alumni: Carolyn Galiza, M.D.img_7334img_7320

Graduated: Waialua High School Class of 1992

• Filip Galiza (husband) from Wroclaw, Poland
• Maya – ten (10) years old
• Althea – six (6) years old

Occupation: Pediatric Anesthesiologist

Colleges attended/Degrees attained:
• Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) – BS in Psychology
• UH Manoa, John A. Burns School of Medicine – MD
• Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA) – Internal Medicine internship
• University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pittsburgh, PA) – Anesthesia residency
• Children’s Hospital of New York – Columbia Presbyterian (New York, NY) – Pediatric anesthesia/research fellowship
What do you miss the most about going to school at Waialua?
I miss living in a small town, the warm weather and delicious food Hawaii has to offer.

What lessons did you take from Waialua that helped you in your life?
Growing up in an underserved community where a majority of families are socio-economically disadvantaged does not limit what we can become. Sometimes we have to work harder because of it and, in the end, it makes the successes even more extraordinary.

Is there a teacher who helped you out in school? What did they do for you?
If I had to choose the one person who influenced my life most significantly, I would have to say that it was Mr. James Yamada. He

Galiza family Rrunion
Galiza family reunion

helped me to see the world that existed outside of Waialua and beyond Hawaii. I firmly believe that without him, I might never have been brave enough to leave my family and home behind to attend Cornell University.

What would you like to say to the kids going to Waialua now?
A good education can take you wherever you want to go. While you are at WHS, make the most of what they have to offer: extracurricular activities, advanced classes and college prep courses. Most importantly, find a good mentor to guide you towards your goals.  If any student has questions about Cornell University, medicine, or anesthesia, please see Mr. Kamisato for my email address.




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