Stuck in the Middle

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by Naia Driscoll

Last year I was a “senior” at Waialua Elementary school. I was at the highest level you can get before middle school – a sixth grader at the top of her game. Then it all ended, summer came, school was over, and next year I would start the whole cycle over again.

I would be a seventh grader at my next school, the smallest fish in a huge pond that is Waialua High and Intermediate.  We had gone from being eagles waiting to spread our wings and flying high to the 7th grade and little specks of dust floating through the breeze with no direction and purpose. The transition was just like any other school switch you have to go through. You arrive on your first day scared and nervous, you slowly, but calmly, wiggle your way through all the people, you occasionally will get lost, and then find your way back into the crowd, and you will make new friends who you never expected to meet.

After a while, you find you’re not wandering anymore and the middle school teachers really are trying to help you  – even if it doesn’t seem like it. You and your friends will have made an even stronger bond and school will be wonderful. The kind of wonderful great where you don’t have a care in the world, like sitting on a sandy beach listening to the waves. The kind of awesome great that makes you feel safe and protected and nothing bad could ever happen. The kind of glorious great that makes you think of kittens and rainbows!

Then, right in the middle of the fine feels, life will come around and smack you around to let you know exams are starting and you have been so caught up your phenomenal emotions that you forgot to study. Now you have to cram in all the work you can
to get ready for the upcoming tests.

Suddenly, school’s almost over and summer is right around the corner. “Next year I’ll do better” you tell yourself, but you know you’ll do the same – just as good as the year before, but always striving to do better. So here’s a bit of advice, next year will be easy, but only if you make it easy.  All you have to do is make an effort to keep up with your classes and you will. On the other hand, you can make it hard on yourself.  Choosing to have no care in the world and then falling flat on your face will make your life stressful. Making an effort to improve yourself every day will be better for everyone – especially you.


  1. Ms. Caz

    Wonderful article Naia! Thank you for opening up and expressing how your experience has gone thus far at WHIS. Thank you especially for providing that important message in the end that teachers verbalize at nauseam to their students year in and year out BUT maybe for once will finally be heard because you, a 7th grade student, expressed it!

    1. Oh thank you Ms. Caz! I’m so glad you read my article. It means so much to me that you read it and LIKED it. Thank you for being such a kind and supportive teacher. The education of this and the upcoming generations relies on great teachers like you and others.

  2. Ms. Van Matre

    Well done Naia! So proud of you for following through with your writing and expressing yourself and the feeling of entering 7th grade so well! Keep up the awesome writing!

  3. Naia Driscoll

    Thank you so much Ms. Van Matre! It means a lot to me that you took the time to read my article. Thank you for being such a supportive and caring teacher – Naia

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