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Waialua students are enjoying the new cafeteria menu.

by Taumana Caicedo Rapu

The egglette breakfast meal

This year, the cafeteria staff out did themselves with a new lunch menu. Now, you can find plates like the tuna dip and chips with curly fries, as well as Baja fish tacos with garlic aioli sauce, and Asian pan roasted vegetables. The new menu also includes vegetarian choices like the vegetarian pizza and the egglette with whole grain toast for breakfast – a great way to start the day. Many students have commented how much they like the change in the lunch. Nova Rivera, a senior, was happy to share her thoughts and she said that she really enjoyed the new lunch and loved the addition of seasonal fruit. “The chicken nuggets are my favorite,” she said. However, she would like to see some slightly bigger portions, especially for those hungry high schoolers.

The vegetarian lasagna is just one of the delicious new additions to the school menu.

Destin Young, a seventh grader, was also very helpful in sharing his views of the new school lunch. Destyn says that the lunch is really good and that his favorite is the pizza. When asked if he would change anything he replied with, “No, the lunch is already perfect.” Finally, freshman Aurora Capes stated that her favorite lunch is nachos and says that she really likes the fact that they now have vegetarian choices. “I really like the fruits and I hope that they incorporate them into the lunch more often,” she said. Be sure to support the cafeteria as well as the school by enjoying these new lunch choices yourself.

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