Eight is Enough

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Ms. Denise Kusumoto’s 7th period study hall has been added as a choice as a result of the eight period bell schedule.



by Jasmine Crawford

This year, Waialua High and Intermediate School changed the bell schedule from seven periods to eight. Instructional time is now seventy minutes and contains a constant rotation of even and odd period days, steering away from the traditional all period days. Mid

Jericho Posadas was able to take Mr. Thompson’s Cyber-security class because of the eight period schedule.

dle school has the same lineup, excluding lunch. Having this new change to the school, although can be confusing for students, will hopefully will allow students to reach their full potential. The new schedule has many benefits; however, there are also components of the new schedule that students do not necessarily agree to.

Jericho Posadas, a senior at Waialua has adjusted to the change of the new schedule. Being a student here at Waialua for five years, he has to accommodate to the new ways, however, Jericho is drawn in by this year’s layout. He states, “The schedule is easier to follow” and he is “aware of his classes.” Jericho also states that although we get out twenty-five minutes later, it is easier for the students to balance their classes. Having longer instructional time can also allow students and teachers extra time to get organized and prepared. He is excited for the new schedules and opportunities coming his way.  

Vice Principal Mrs. Carol Sanderson loves the way the eight period schedule affects the entire school community.

The new schedule now not only affects the students, but the administration as well. Vice Principal, Mrs. Carol Sanderson, is delighted by this new program. Looking at it from a student point of view, she explains, “It gives opportunities for students to complete their core classes, and take electives that couldn’t fit in a seven period schedule.” Students get a new branch of improving their academics with another class. Looking at it from a Vice Principal point of view she states, “It gives more time to walk around and see in person what is going on in each class.” It gives more time for the staff to be involved with the teacher and students. Mrs. Sanderson and the staff wanted something more manageable for the students, staff, and teachers at Waialua. “The agenda is very consistent, easy to follow, and good for everyone.” she states enthusiastically.

As for a new schedule at Waialua High and Intermediate School, staff and students are excited for the movement. Bringing something to students that will be straightforward, and easy to follow, with confidence, campus life will be easier.

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