The Pride of Waialua

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Waialua High School JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball teams do community service at a lo’i patch in Hale’ Angel Rivera-Velez

Standing strong and working hard, Volleyball season has kicked off and Waialua’s Wahine are beyond ready. Excitement is abundant in our community as this athletic story unfolds yet again, but are outsiders as excited as the players themselves?

Tausala Moeaveave serves it up!

“Meeting new teammates and getting the chance to build strong bonds with them is the highlight of the new season’s beginning,” says junior Tausala Moeaveave. With the new season in progress this is Tausala’s second year in varsity despite this being her junior year in high school. Tausala along with several returning teammates and newcomers practice daily; utilizing every skill they have worked so hard to obtain, every second thegym is available to them.

Ocean Escorzon gets ready for the serve.

Each player on both JV and varsity work hard daily; whether they’re working on cardio around our football field, partaking in crossfit, or mastering technique in the gymnasium; on and off the court these girls along with their outstanding coaches put their all into everything they do. ”What motivates my team and I to perform such difficult tasks to the utmost of our abilities is our desire to make it all pay off,” explains junior Ocean Escorzon. She continues, “we are determined to win, but more so determined to make each other proud. We trust each other endlessly and the support we receive from each other as teammates is more gratifying than any ranking or score.”

In volleyball the mutual support from teammates is essential to succeed, but the support from family, friends, and the community as a whole is just as important and desired. “It gives us a sense of pride,” senior Chevelle Lele expresses. “These girls are the future, and to see that our community understands that, is terrific, not only do supporters give our girls hope but they give them confidence and self worth,” Head Coach Bryson Souza voices.

The varsity girls volleyball team celebrate a point in a game last season.

The coaches make it a point to make and keep the program family oriented, they teach the girls to respect anyone deserving of it and to spread aloha anywhere life takes them. Chevelle Lele, Tausala Moeaveave, Ocean Escorzon, and Coach Bryson Souza are just a few examples of the many significant voices who embody the program. It is highly recommended that you come out and show support, their first game takes place on August 30th at Waipahu High School, followed by weekly games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The volleyball program shares nothing but positive energy, and is so grateful to have the opportunity to represent Waialua. This program exceeds expectations and portrays such a radiant image of school spirit. Head Coach Bryson Souza describes this program as “Maka lehua ‘O Waialua, which translates to “Pride of Waialua”.

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