The Start of Something New

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Ms. Kaiewa Muranaka is the new CCRC counselor taking the place of Ms. Kayleen Akana, who transfered to Waipahu High School


by Anna Peters

A new start of the school year typically means two things: new classes and new teachers. Each year, most schools generally welcome aboard a few new teachers. This year at Waialua High and Intermediate School, one of those new teachers include a new College and Career Counselor, Ms. Kaiewa Muranaka. She was previously a grade level counselor at Mililani High School for six years. Prior to that, she was an elementary school counselor at Kipapa Elementary School for three years.

Zane Balmoja and Hoku Sabanal meet with Ms. Muranaka to discuss their future plans.

Ms. Muranaka decided that she wanted to become a College and Career Counselor at Waialua because she wanted to try something new. She explains, “Grade leveling counseling and college and career counseling are very different. I feel that I am ready for a change.” Ms. Muranaka also wanted to experience working in a different community she wasn’t as familiar with. Moreover, she knew that she was going to enjoy Waialua. “I have always enjoyed coming out to the North Shore with my family and sons” Ms. Muranaka states ecstatically.

Meeting with freshmen is part of Ms. Muranaka’s goal to get to know all the high school students at Waialua.

So far, Ms. Muranaka loves it here at Waialua. “I really loved how everyone was very welcoming,” she elaborates. In addition, she also includes how her background accentuates her love for nature. “Being part Hawaiian, I have always admired what mother nature has to offer, from the beautiful hibiscus flowers to the strong and sturdy trees,” Ms. Muranaka says. Furthermore, she also really enjoyed the strong community feel that is unique to Waialua. she states, “Waialua contains this community connection, which is not evident in many other schools.”

As a new College and Career Counselor, Mrs. Muranaka would like to express her gratitude and thanks towards welcoming her. She ensures that she will do her best in order to help every student achieve their goals. “I know that the college and career process is overwhelming towards both students and parents, so I just want everyone to know that I am always here to help.”

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