Time to strap it up!

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The Waialua High School Varsity football team huddles after warm ups.

by Taylor Jenkins

Mana Benz tries to avoid the St. Francis defender.

Helmets on, chin straps tight, minds ready. Our football boys are ready to make history once again, making the community proud. “With this team, I feel we’re going to make playoffs,” says quarterback Justyce Lacar. He continues, “If we remain on this successful path, we have the potential to make DII champs once again.” Justyce isn’t the only one who believe so; wide receiver, and one out of four team captains, senior Kalawelo Kuehu feels “This season’s team is a

Makana Nahooikaika runs around the Pearl City defense.

team that we can go far with.”


Success is not given, but worked for. Practicing three hours a day, five days a week is something our football boys have learned to get used to. “Our team prepares all week for the team we are going to play next. We scout them like everyteam does, and study film on the other team to help us. Without preparation we will not be able to go out there and get the win” states Justyce Lacar. The Waialua football team has come along way, and the drive to make a mark on the community has stuck.


Quarterback Justyce Lacar follows through after a pass.

They’re going into every game with determination in their eyes and adrenaline rushing through their veins, a positive mindset has a very big impact on not only the players, but the game as well. “It’s important to have a positive mindset before a game, you always have you think you’re going to go out there and ball out, and win. Mindset is the main thing before the game, and without that good mindset we won’t be ready to get on the field and play,” said running back Blitzen Benz.

Standing strong, the team created a strong bond that led them to the season with high hopes and an extended family. Although they may feel some pressure, it only pushes them to do better for their family and friends.

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