When it comes to an end

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by Anna Peters

Nami Doughrety was senior Homecoming Princess. Here sh is pictured with Kieran Phillips.

The end of each school year doesn’t only means summer is coming, but marks an ending of student mandatory education, and with it, the official entrance into adulthood. With graduation comes plenty of mixed emotions: happiness, triumph, and melancholy. We asked two recent Waialua High graduates, Nami Dougherty and Wyatt Mchale from the class of 2018, to reflect on their years at Waialua High and Intermediate School.

As Nami looks back upon the past four years of high school, her most memorable times consist of when she participated in homecoming, watched football games, and of course, prom. Nami expresses, “These are the types of memories that I will remember forever.” Along with having a good time in high school, she has also had many honorable accomplishments. She was a recipient for multiple scholarships and was able to handle multiple AP classes while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and participating in extracurriculars, such as tennis and horseback riding. However, Nami does wish that she could have tried different sports since Waialua lets mostly everyone who comes out, play. “Also, I wish I turned in my community service hours, so I could have gotten the cord,” she lightheartedly expresses. She thanks her family, Lex, Emma, and Mrs. Kayleen Akana in the CCRC for helping her make all this happen. Nami plans to further her education at Leeward Community College for two years and then transferring over to UH West Oahu.


Wyatt Mchale gets big air in Portugal

Wyatt Mchale, a two-time national champion surfer, has had many accomplishments in his three years at Waialua High and Intermediate School. His accomplishments range from a 3.9 GPA in school while balancing his homework and surfing, and placing well in national surfing competitions, like placing second at the Pro Junior Event in Tahiti. Wyatt says, “Some of my best memories were definitely just being with my friends, making new friends, and just being able to grow up with everyone since we’ve all known each other since middle school. Those were really good times.” He has undeniably made the most out of his three years (he graduated early in order to pursue his surfing career) in high school as he expresses that he has no regrets. For the future, Wyatt plans on continuing his surfing career. “My goal is to make it to the World Championship Tour, which is the highest level of surfing,” he enthusiastically expresses. He further amplifies that being able to make a living from surfing would be really ideal. Wyatt would like to thank Waialua High and Intermediate school

Wyatt Mchale drops in – to adulthood.

for allowing him to constantly travel and graduate a year early and teachers like Greg Kamisato and Duane Shikiya for continually reassuring him that he should take this opportunity to pursue surfing.

A new school year has begun and the seniors’ days are now numbered and the countdown has begun. Every senior has their story yet to be written. What will this year’s Class of 2019 create?

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