In Theaters Now: Waialua Homecoming 2018

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By Jasmine Crawford

Homecoming is the most memorable event students look forward to every year. With skits, banners, floats, and shirts, it gives opportunity for classmates to create new bonds with one another. After careful selection, Waialua High and Intermediate School’s Student Body Government and Student Council came together and brought about this year’s homecoming theme: Movie Franchises. It was agreed on that a relay should be used to determine each class’s movie. Students were cheering for the classmates to get first pick on these topics: Marvel, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Fast and Furious, Transformers, and Harry Potter.

Freshman President, Jon Evangelista, is thrilled about homecoming this year. The Class of 2022 got Transformers as their topic. He states enthusiastically, “As the days went on, more and more ideas came.” Although it was not their first choice, the more the class planned, the more enjoyable it got. It is also an exceptional experience that the students get to finally participate in homecoming. “I’m looking forward to homecoming construction, building the omikoshi, and putting the skits together,” explains John. Coming from middle school, it will be the first time he experiences homecoming as class president. He says, “I’m looking forward to having a fun time with my class.”

Leila Domingo, the Sophomore President of Class of 2021 is inspired to create a phenomenal homecoming show this year. As for the theme, Fast and Furious, there was really no complaints from her classmates. Everyone was just as passionate about the topic as she was. She describes her peer’s emotions as, “Our class is very hyped and we have a wide range to choose from, so it’s exciting to see what our result will be like.” Since there is a wide range, there is many ideas that are about to be in line. The planning process is very exciting for the officers and the class. Leila is willing to go that extra step to impress the crowd. “I am very excited to see my classmates after school and bond over something that we worked hard to create together,” she says happily.

This year’s Junior Class president is Lovelyne Sistoso. After a lively relay, the Junior Class of 2020 came out with Marvel as their theme this year. She states, “Since Marvel is a familiar topic, hopefully it will invite a new audience.” She further elaborates, “I am excited on what our final product will be and to finally be able see our hard work as a class go into this one day.” Since Marvel is a broad idea, there can be many possibilities on what to do for each and every category of homecoming. However, she also states, “I am a little worried on the lack of participants as well as how to tie Marvel into the skit, but I am sure that our final product will be one of the greatest accomplishments as a group.” She encourages people to join and to contribute. It is a brand new experience that you may not be able to see anywhere else. Lovelyne mentions, “Being a president for the first year, I am eager to see what I can provide for my class and see what we can do as a whole.”

“I want people to see that Jurassic Park can be used in different ways and wow people,” states Class of 2019, Senior Class President, Alyssa Alejandro. After choosing Jurassic Park as the class theme, she is very inspired to create new propositions on how to make this the best homecoming yet. She continues, “Although this theme seems to be undermined in the eyes of my class, I am confident in making something unbelievable that nobody has ever thought of.” Alyssa is consulting with her officers in ways which they can think outside of the box to impress the audience and themselves. They already have many creative ideas for their float, shirt, and banner. Alyssa and her classmates are looking forward to finish strong as a class on their last homecoming.

Homecoming is a significant event this year to raise the bulldog spirit. Using collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills, this year will become one memory not made of classes, but of a school. With all of the students, you can dream big, work hard, and make it happen.

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