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img_9592The Waialuan is written by and for the students of Waialua High and Intermediate School. Opinions expressed in The Waialuan do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the faculty, staff, advisers, administration, or the Hawaii State Department of Education.


img_5259Tiala Nicely is a senior, and is best described as a well-rounded student. She is not only the Editor-in-Chief of The Waialuan, but is in Yearbook, National Honor Society, is class Vice-President, and does an extensive amount of volunteer work in her school and community. Tiala also manages three AP classes, and a peer mentorship with the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She values time spent with her family and friends because her school week is so busy.

Website Manager:

img_1175Hayden Myers is a senior at Waialua High. Hayden likes to challenge himself by taking difficult classes while incorporating after school activities. Hayden has a passion for music and has been in band for almost six years. He loves playing the trumpet and the moments he spends with his band family. Hayden also works at his family’s restaurant, Spaghettini. This year, Hayden has two AP courses and tries to spend time with his class as much as possible. Hayden really cares about his work on the Waialuan site and tries his best to make the website organized and well presented.


AlyssaAlyssa Alejandro is a sophomore at Waialua High. Being class president, participant in the Youth And Government program, student-athlete, and everyone’s friend, Alyssa is a well rounded girl who spends her free time at the beach with her best friend and family. She’s always eager to try new things and ready to go on fun-filled adventures.






Hannah Bartlett is a sophomore at Waialua High. She enjoys challenging herself with new experiences inside and outside of school. She enjoys playing a variety of sports, hanging out with friends, and traveling to places with her family.




img_1090Angel Calaro is a sophomore at Waialua High and Intermediate School.  She is able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and is a part of the 10th grade student council.  Angel enjoys boxing, spending time with family and friends and going to the beach.







Erin Hardin is a sophomore at Waialua High. Erin, who goes by “Mele”, loves playing sports and being active. She is on the school’s softball and soccer teams. Mele loves going out and trying new things, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies.



img_1074Kaili Himalaya is a sophomore at Waialua High. She’s the sophomore class historian and she enjoys playing soccer, paddling canoe, and going to the beach with her family and friends.




img_1088Kayla Miguel is a sophomore at Waialua High and Intermediate. She’s her classes secretary and she participates in the YMCA’s Youth and Government Program. She is also on the schools JV Volleyball team. In her free time she likes to go to the beach and travel with her friends and family.


Salamasina Otteman goes by “Moon” . She is a sophomore at WHIS. Moon is an athlete who aspires to go to the olympics for Waterpolo and/or Surfing, she also aspires to be a great contributor to world peace, and a mermaid.

img_1082Anna Peters is a sophomore at Waialua High and Intermediate school. She plays tennis and last year made it to state championships as a freshman. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends and trying new things.




Jericho Posadas also likes to be called “Jeri Malasadas”. He’s a sophomore and a band geek. He’s not afraid to meet new people, and is always loud, eventful, and fun. Family and friends come first with him.



img_1078Hoku Sabanal is a sophomore at Waialua High and Intermediate School. In school she is academically strong, maintains a 4.0 GPA and secretary for her 10th grade class. Hoku is also in yearbook and participates in the Youth and Government program.  She enjoys hanging out with her family, friends, and playing soccer.



Andrew E. Cox School Waialuan Staff- 1932   The Waialua High and Intermediate School newspaper has been in existence since WHIS was still Andrew E. Cox School. Although hard printed copies are not used as much in the 21st century, the tradition of writing and reporting the news is the same – but in a digital format.  I’m sure The Waialuan staff of 1932 could never have imagined what the 2016 staff can do now. But past and present Waialuan staffers understand that we must look back to where we have been for a clue to where we are going.