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From the 1941 Waialua High and Intermediate School Ho’omana’o:

img_7038“We are living in a difficult, complex, and dangerous era.  But it always exciting and challenging.  Youth has opportunities for adventure and service as never before.  Youth knows that our social concepts, political and economic, have not kept pace with the changes in the social order which they were designed to interpret.  Fundamentally, the youth of today are just as idealistic, just as courageous, just as loyal as they ever were.  What is needed is wise leadership.  If we who are older are wise, we will not waste time bemoaning youth’s shortcomings and deploring its spirit of adventure; we will sympathize with it, cooperate with it, and seek to guide it. Far-reaching changes are coming.  New frontiers must be established in the struggle against injustice, ignorance, disease, exploration, waste, and war.  Youth needs, more than ever before, the wise companionship and sympathetic counsel of adults.”

– William J. Geiger, Waialua High and Intermediate School Principal, 1941



Established in 1936, Waialua High and Intermediate School is located at the base of Mount Ka’ala on the North Shore of O’ahu. The school was founded in 1914 as a single room schoolhouse and named Mokuleia School.  In 1926, the family of Andrew E. Cox donated a 15 arce tract of land on the site where the school now stands.  At the time, it was only for grades 7 and 8 and was renamed Andrew E. Cox School.  The school added a freshmen class in 1932 and in 1936 and was finally named Waialua High and Intermediate School as first senior class (Class of 1936) graduated.from WHIS.  From the 1936 Ho’omana’o:


                                         “Uluwehi Ka luna o Ka’ala                          “The beauty of Mount Ka’ala

                                          Kahiko ia maila eka ohu                               To me is now enhanced

                                          Alawa ku’u maka iluna                                  By the presence of the glorious clouds

                                         Ka pio ako anuenue.”                                     And the beautiful rainbow colors.”

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